The BIG Purpose of K.L is bringing together believers to more fully experience the love of our heavenly Father and experience the abundant life He has called YOU to.

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where we offer faith-based coaching and biblically-based courses to individuals, churches, and entrepreneurs. Our Christ-centered coaching process starts with your identity in Christ.


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Identify your God-given purpose

We’ll help you to identify your God-given purpose by helping you to see where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there by framing your journey through the eyes of the Father. We believe that the Father has a plan for your life and that He is eager to reveal it to you!

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Christian coaching focuses on the now and the future.  Our trained Christian coaches will help you to develop strategies that overcome obstacles and puts you back on the path toward achieving your calling and your God-given purpose. We provide online coaching and discipleship that is all about you and your relationship with Jesus!  We provide encouragement and accountability, help you plan, and cheer you on to become who God created you to be. We love to pray for others, and will do the same for you!

We believe that we have been designed to be in community with other believers.  Church is a great way for you to connect with the word of God and with his children.  If you are a regular churchgoer, Christian coaching will help be a great help to you as you grow in your relationship with God, identify your God-given purpose, and pursue your true calling.   Our coaching services provide you with tools that enable you to live a more satisfying and focused walk with Jesus.

At Kingdom Living Global, we understand that choosing the right Christian coach is a personal decision. Our coaches have the experience and the authentic love of God to guide you in the pursuit of your calling.  You can easily find discipleship resources, such as our identity courses, here on our website. And don’t forget to explore our social media pages, where you can find even more inspiring and useful Christian content. We recommend you prayerfully consider this entire process and involve the Lord as you seek to find the right coach for you.

Absolutely. We offer the training and resources you need to help you pursue your calling as a Christ-centered coach.  For those who don’t have a lot of experience in this area, we recommend that you sign up for a Christian coaching session as a first step.

Yes absolutely. Each person’s faith journey is so different.  For some their pursuit of the Father’s love is one of deep reflection and self-study.  Our Christ-centered courses and lessons allow individuals to find discipleship and get fulfillment in God’s word, while still having access to a faith-based coach.  We offer groups, cohorts, and individual plans.

Kingdom Living Global provides faith-based coaching and biblical courses