George La Du


Into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
through the ministry of Campus
Crusade for Christ. After three years of state college and three years of bible college George went on to serve as an associate pastor at Aloha Community Church (14 years)  and most recently at Jubilee Christian Fellowship (30 years).

We hope you will join us
in the next 13 week series of
the Identity Project!



IP is helping Kingdom Leaders Unleash Their God Given Identity. The Identity Project course and events are a discipleship program in the Gospel of the Kingdom, that the King of kings taught. Many of us have been discipled in the Gospel of Salvation, but Jesus(Yahusha) preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. Do you know What the Gospel of the Kingdom is? We invite you to join us and learn!


Turn Your Faith Into Actions

Overcome The Mountains Of Life!
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To activate 100 million believers worldwide (the work we do to achieve our vision)


Awaken the Hearts of Believers. Purpose of Ministry – To teach Christians how to receive the Father’s love and how to share the Father’s love

of Ministry

  • Activate the new creation into fellowship and ministry

  • Establish a maturity process which demonstrates the Fathers love and results in healing, agreement, confidence, intimacy and the abundant life

  • Plug the New creation into fellowship and ministry


  • Strengthen and mobilize the body of Christ


  • CORE Values of Ministry – Galatians 5:22:  The fruit of the Spirit is Love,  joy,  peace, forbearance, patience, kindness, goodness,  faithfulness

with God and others

  • Discipleship : Equip – Ephesians 4:12-13,15


  • Fellowship 1 John 1:6-7

  • This is creating synergies in the body of christ for like-minded/spirited individuals


  • Activate believers (on FIRE!!)

  • Receiving/Giving the Fathers Love (Holy Hugs!)

  • Service, Generosity, Skill practice, New paradigm of prayer, Taking thoughts captive, Recognizing God’s voice,  Agreeing with how God made me

The Identity Project is equipping believers with their true identity as Sons & Daughters of The Most High. When you understand who you are and how our Heavenly Father created you with purpose, you can walk in that knowledge and have real power in life. When you REALLY know GOD made you to have a relationship with Him it will transform the way you live.

The Identity Project is a discipleship experience that helps believers have a more abundant relationship with GOD our Father and joy filled fellowship with others! Take part in The Identity Project to learn about the Gospel of the Kingdom Jesus(Yahusha) preached.

On a scale of 1-10, how wonderful would you say your life is?

Let’s say, you may have been a Christian a long time. You’ve been going to church. You’ve been part of different bible studies. Your job is ok. Your family is basically good. The marriage is ok. And life is sometimes good and sometimes very challenged. All in all, it’s ok. That sounds like the scale is around a 5? Frankly, this is not the life Jesus intended for us.