“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

One of the differences between faith and hope is:  faith is in the present tense.  Hope is in the future tense.  Faith means I have received now.  Hope means it is on the way, coming, not here yet.

Why this is important is, in order for me to grow in faith, I must start with understanding that I don’t have faith initially.  Many people think they have faith when really, they have hope.

If I think I am in faith but I’m really in hope, I won’t do the work to get faith.  Can we agree it is ok not to have faith for something?  I don’t have faith for everything.  But the good news is, I can get faith. 

Why do I want to get faith?  So, I can bring heaven down on earth!  So, God’s kingdom and glory will be seen by those “who are perishing”.  And they will desire our Lord and His kingdom.

Steps to getting and practicing faith:

“So then, faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God.” Romans 10:17

I need to find scriptures that speak to the issue I need faith for.  What two or three (or more) scriptures that convince me that what I’m believing for are God’s will?  I have found a great tool that helps me find those scriptures quickly.  It is an app called the “Bible Promise Book” and there are many versions on your smartphones.  The Bible Promise Books list topics alphabetically in the table of Contents.  So, for many issues of life, I can find ten to twenty scriptures at the click of a button. 

We must be convinced that something is God’s will for my faith to be strong.  Once I’m convinced, I can go on to “hearing the word of God”. 

I am the best person to hear the word of God from.  When I say the scriptures out loud, I begin to create an atmosphere (a bubble around me) of faith.  How long do I have to keep saying the scripture until faith come to me?  Until it comes.  It may take days, weeks or longer.  But it will come if we are consistent and persistent.  And let’s remember that Jesus is the word made flesh.  There is great communion with Jesus when I develop the practice of speaking the word out loud.  Also, I recommend finding one key scripture on your issue and memorize it.  All of this is the spiritual work that many people either don’t know that they need to do it or they are not willing to do the work.

Remember, God’s word is His will.  His will is His word.  When I know His word, I know His will. 

So, first we know His will (find scriptures) then we practice speaking it out loud.

Our next step is to walk in obedience to the word.  I will declare His word over my situations.  Regardless of what the world, devil, circumstances or others are saying, I will lift God’s word up over my situations.  And keep doing it until my situations change to line up with His word!  That is how we bring His kingdom down on earth “as it is in heaven”. 

Another helpful hint is that there is power in agreement.  “One can put a thousand to flight, two, ten thousand.”  I will get another believer to agree with me about the promises I’m believing for.  This is where a spouse can be so powerful, in agreement.

Attached I’ve included scriptural affirmations that I speak over myself, wife, family and my sphere of influence.  These are two key areas of life: provision and health.  Please feel free to do this to other areas of life that we need faith for such as relationships, vision, work (employment), identity, love, etc…

Also, for a quick thumbnail refresher course on faith, please feel free to read IP Chapter 3 on faith and watch the video.

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